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Я Милютин Александр Вячеславович это раздел знакомства, а мой главный сайт тут http://ofru.ru на нём вы сможете помочь мне инвалиду детства по ДЦП первой группы и третьей степени нетрудоспособности.
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Just tired of being a stag


  • Был 14 мая 2018 в 16:47
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25 лет, Овен
United States of America, Elk Grove
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Я ищу
  • Я ищу девушку от 20 до 27 для романтических отношений.
  • Some college
  • Big sur
  • I'm pretty forgiving of most things I won't forgive unfaithfulness
  • It's... There... Kidding I used to study to be a witness but I'm at conflict with myself about religion ask if you really want to know
  • Dog
  • I dunno I try to keep well rounded but that makes me come off as serious when really I'm not, I also have the best resting bitch face
  • Asking well really talking in general I don't particularly have the gift for gab but I can throw in a few dad jokes when it applies, also I get really nervous easily
  • I have the mouth of a pirate.